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Does your child tamper with the power points in your home? Crawlers and toddlers are often attracted to the power points, which are right at eye-level for crawlers in particular. Kids always seem attracted to those buttons! A power point protector is the perfect solution to prevent your little one from messing with the power point.But many power outlet protectors aren’t just child-proof; they’re person-proof, as they make it very difficult to actually use the power point and its switches! And that says nothing of the complex installation instructions and the holes that are left in your walls! But now, there’s an innovative, easy to use solution: The Gee Whizz Protector!

What is Gee Whizz Protector?


The Gee Whizz Protector is a child-proofing device, used to render your home’s power points inaccessible to your little one. The Gee Whizz Protector has lots of perks and benefits!

The Gee Whizz Protector keeps your child from accessing the power point, thereby discouraging your little one from messing with unprotected power points. It covers the entire power point and its buttons. To utilize the buttons, you don’t need to remove the protector; simply operate the sliders, which are located on both sides.Its clear, low-profile design means it’s discreet and it protrudes only 25 mm from the wall, so it won’t interfere with furniture or other items.

Unlike many child-safe power point protective devices, The Gee Whizz Protector features easy-to-use switches that allow you to cut power to the outlet with the simple slider mechanisms.

The Gee Whizz Protector comes with an easy-to-follow instruction guide, so installation takes mere moments! It installs by adhering to the power point face, so your wall remains unscathed. The Gee Whizz Protector not only discourages little ones from playing with the power point; you’ll also protect your electronic devices and appliances, which can be harmed by a sudden interruption in power supply.

The Gee Whizz Protector can be used with virtually any appliance or device, including:

Our Mission


It’s the ultimate solution for discouraging and preventing little fingers from touching the power point and its buttons. You’ll have peace of mind like never before.Yet the Gee Whizz Protector won’t damage your walls and there are no tools required! Just adhere and install in moments.Preventing your kids from playing with the power point has never been easier or more convenient.